Outdoor Boat Show Clear Lake Texas October 2013

An impressive Outdoor Boat Show on Clear Lake, Texas on October 2013 has many boat enthusiasts pumped up. This exciting event is situated on a 2,000 acre natural inlet of Galveston Bay. The region lies within the center of Bay Area Houston. Thrilling adventures are set to begin in October of 2013. An outdoor boat show will be making waves in Clear Lake, Texas. This scenic spot is a popular destination for dinner cruises, water sports, pirate ship adventures and spectacular fishing tours. Visitors that attend this event will see an astonishing display of a wide variety of phenomenal boats.

Make your plans now to be at Clear Lake for this October 2013 weekend extravaganza. This outdoor boat show will have something for everyone. Exhilarating boat races will be a part of the remarkable entertainment. A Chili Cook Off will whet appetites. Fantastic vendor displays will feature intriguing items of various interests. Attendees will be mesmerized by the live band music. People may even find their dream boat here. There will be plenty of fascinating activities and exhibits. Take the time to set sail on the idyllic waters of this splendid lake. This festival will cover four enthralling days of good times.

What a great excuse to see our nation’s third-largest basin for pleasure boats. The atmosphere will grip visitors instantly. The action will be uproariously fun and intense. The stunning geography will give attendees some breathtaking moments of serenity. Visit http://texasboatoberfest.com to find out about the Outdoor Boat Show on Clear Lake in October 2013. Contact 561-842-8808.

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